Gunalight: Light Therapy, Reimagined 
Illuminate your Treatments with the Power of Full-Spectrum, Restructured Light
 Gunalight: Light Therapy, Reimagined 
Illuminate your Treatments with the Power of Full-Spectrum, Restructured Light 
Patients are More Deficient than Ever Before 
In this chaotic world, patients are more deficient than ever before. Gunalight is a revolutionary tool designed to recharge the acupuncture pathways with uniquely restructured, full-spectrum light. Gunalight’s never-before-seen technology unlocks the door to deeply restorative and effective treatments that balance and rejuvenate the body—so that even the most deficient patients can heal and thrive under your care.
 The Intersection of Nature and Science 
Gunalight is unlike any light therapy device on the market. From the innovative light source, to the genuine brass tube, to the carefully selected natural crystal lens—every component comes together in perfect harmony to emit powerful, full-spectrum light with never-before-seen properties that maximize its healing potential. Learn more about the science behind Gunalight.
Picture This: More Freedom and Power in Your Treatments than Ever Before 
Just like an acupuncture needle, Gunalight is designed to be applied at acupuncture points on the body to recharge and redirect your patient’s Qi. However, Gunalight has the truly unique potential to add energy back into a depleted system. Use Gunalight in conjunction with other treatments to both restore and rebalance Qi reserves, and watch your treatments work more quickly and powerfully than ever before.

Let Our General Protocol Guide You, or Create Your Own 
Gunalight comes with in-depth clinical training to instill you with confidence about using Gunalight in your treatments.
For general recharging and rebalancing of the energy pathways with Gunalight, we recommend a deeply restorative 8-point protocol that can be completed in a few minutes a day. Your patient can use their light at home and follow along with the prompts in our simple mobile app to keep their Qi flowing optimally between treatments. Learn more about the Gunalight App >>

You can also incorporate Gunalight into your in-clinic treatments using your own experience and intuition as your guide. Apply Gunalight at GV 20 before placing needles, or treat the extraordinary vessels with the light as your patient rests. The sky is the limit—let your healing intuition be your guide.

Gunalight for Home Care
Many practitioners use Gunalight as a home care “prescription” between treatments by selling, renting, or lending out lights to their patients. This is a fantastic option for large families who can’t afford care for every family member, but want to bring the benefits of energy medicine into their homes, or for seriously deficient patients who need a boost between treatments to stay on the right track.

If you buy and resell these popular lights in your practice, you have the potential to add revenue to your clinic’s bottom line.

Gunalight for Telehealth
Gunalight puts the power in your hands as a distance healer. With Gunalight, you can confidently and reliably help your patients heal, even when they’re far away or unable to see you frequently enough for best results.

Consider offering remote healing sessions via Telehealth. Your patient purchases a light, and you guide them virtually through a weekly treatment plan unique to their individual needs and health challenges.

Gunalight means more freedom for you, and less stress for your patients—without compromising the tailored care they truly need.
 Don't Just Take Our Word For It 
 See what happy patients and practitioners have to say about their transformations with Gunalight 
Recently, I was experiencing an abnormal amount of anxiety and stress that lasted for about 30 days. I received Gunalight treatments after my acupuncturist graphed me with AcuGraph. I felt my body receiving warmth, and a sensation of love and peace. I felt I was beginning to return to myself. After two treatments with the Gunalight, I felt “back.” I was no longer being hijacked by anxious feelings about the future. I was grounded. I was present. I could breathe deep. I felt like my joyful-energetic self again.

Gunalight brought me out of an energetic state of fear and anxiety that was so present in my body—into a state of gentle surrender, deep calm and a return to my whole self.

After a couple weeks, I still feel great.

Lindsay Hurst, LMT 

Gunalight’s ability to move crystalline light energy through the meridian pathway without a needle opens up unlimited possibilities for acupuncturists and energy healers alike. Here are some of the ways that I am utilizing the Gunalight in my clinic daily:

  • Entry/Exit Point Treatment
  • Neuropathy Point Stimulation
  • Activation of the Chakras
  • Extraordinary Vessel Treatment
  • Supplemental Treatment Between Visits (Home Care)
  • AND—SELF care for ME

The sky's the limit for expanding the potential of the Gunalight for balancing the acupuncture pathways. It's powerful, it's effective and it's convenient.

Dr. Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac.

After purchasing & using Gunalight, amazing things started happening! My right shoulder has gotten a new life. The pains from the stubborn inflammation are gone. I sleep like a child at night & wake up with an energy that I have not known for a long time! It did not take long for my body to heal itself. I spread the word about Gunalight wherever I go—that this really works! I experienced quick results, even from the first treatment. The results keep coming!

Liz Marie Rogenfjell Trondheim

A Light-Filled Awakening with Gunalight  
When there is adequate Qi and sufficient balance in the meridians, your patients’ bodies can truly heal. With consistent use of Gunalight, even your most “stuck” patients may notice a shift. The lethargy that once loomed large can ebb away, replaced by a new awakening of energy that allows them to embrace the day.Their nights may see less tossing and turning, and more peaceful, deep sleep. With this transformation, life doesn’t seem like a constant uphill battle, but a joy-filled journey. Best of all? You become the hero of their health story, they refer their friends and family, and your clinic grows—everyone benefits. 
Replenish Your Own Reserves with Gunalight  
As practitioners, we often end up giving too much and neglecting ourselves. But to be a truly effective healer, you need to fill your own reserves with energy, harmony and light. Gunalight is a quick and easy way to treat yourself between patients, ensuring that you maintain the Qi you need—so that you can be the best version of yourself for your patients.
We're With You on Every Step of Your Journey
Discover detailed tutorials, get expert advice, and achieve your health goals with Gunalight
Using Gunalight with EAM Techniques
Do you treat patients with the Electro-Acupuncture Medicine framework? Gunalight is endorsed, used and loved by Dr. Jeremy Steiner and incorporates beautifully into his treatment paradigm.
Discover the General Wellness Protocol 
For general recharging and balancing of the meridians, we teach and recommend a general protocol—and offer a free App that guides you and your patients through the treatment plan.  
How Acupuncturists Use Gunalight Day-to-Day in Practice 
Curious how acupuncturists like you are using Gunalight day-to-day? Learn how seasoned AcuGraph User, Dr. Kimberly Thompson, has added Gunalight to her clinical treatments (and home care plans) for truly “magical” results.
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