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In this course, learn how to use your Gunalight—from general set up and maintenance, to clinical protocols and tips. To start the course, just login on the Miridia Learning Portal and click on "My Courses."

 Introducing the Gunalight Mobile Phone App 

Elevate your Gunalight experience with our cutting-edge mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android. This free companion app offers a range of features, including tutorials, tracking capabilities, and more. Stay connected with your Gunalight's functionalities like never before.
Note: The Gunalight Apps are now available worldwide! 
Enhance Your Gunalight Experience with Accessories: 
Take your Gunalight experience to the next level with our carefully curated range of accessories. We offer a cleaning cloth to keep your Gunalight looking pristine and additional batteries for extended usage. Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming "hands-free" stand, designed to provide convenient independent use of the Gunalight.
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 Don't Just Take Our Word For It 
 See what our happy users and practitioners have to say about their transformation with Gunalight 
Recently, I was experiencing an abnormal amount of anxiety and stress that lasted for about 30 days. I received Gunalight treatments after my acupuncturist graphed me with AcuGraph. I felt my body receiving warmth, and a sensation of love and peace. I felt I was beginning to return to myself. After two treatments with the Gunalight, I felt “back.” I was no longer being hijacked by anxious feelings about the future. I was grounded. I was present. I could breathe deep. I felt like my joyful-energetic self again.

Gunalight brought me out of an energetic state of fear and anxiety that was so present in my body—into a state of gentle surrender, deep calm and a return to my whole self.

After a couple weeks, I still feel great.

Lindsay Hurst, LMT
Gunalight’s ability to move crystalline light energy through the meridian pathway without a needle opens up unlimited possibilities for acupuncturists and energy healers alike. Here are some of the ways that I am utilizing the Gunalight in my clinic daily:

  • Entry/Exit Point Treatment
  • Neuropathy Point Stimulation
  • Activation of the Chakras
  • Extraordinary Vessel Treatment
  • Supplemental Treatment Between Visits (Home Care)
  • AND—SELF care for ME

The sky's the limit for expanding the potential of the Gunalight for balancing the acupuncture pathways. It's powerful, it's effective and it's convenient.
Dr. Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac.
After purchasing & using Gunalight, amazing things started happening! My right shoulder has gotten a new life. The pains from the stubborn inflammation are gone. I sleep like a child at night & wake up with an energy that I have not known for a long time! It did not take long for my body to heal itself. I spread the word about Gunalight wherever I go—that this really works! I experienced quick results, even from the first treatment. The results keep coming!
Liz Marie Rogenfjell Trondheim
Note: The above individuals may have been compensated for their testimonials.
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